Friday, July 24, 2015

Review On Annie's Homegrown Organic Bunny Classic Crackers Buttery Rich

Review submitted by: Jane Ong

I love Ritz crackers but unfortunately partially-hydrogenated oil is on the ingredient list.   I bought Annie's organic buttery crackers thinking it was a great alternative to the Ritz's crackers.  But I was disappointed.  These organic crackers just don't taste nearly as good as Ritz. May be it's just impossible to make organic crackers that have both a long shelf life and good taste?  These organic crackers have a "Best By Date" in late February 2016, about 8 months from now.  I'm curious about how they can make organic crackers last so long without going stale.  But then these organic crackers taste a little stale to me at the first bite.  Maybe the less processed wheat flour just tastes this way?  I disliked the crackers initially due the hint of taste that resembles days-old bread.  But after continuously eating them , I just got used to them and they began to taste okay to me.  In terms of texture, these organic crackers seem to be a lot dryer and heavier than Ritz's crackers. 

After getting used to the taste and texture, I don't mind having them around the house for those sudden hunger strikes and for those times when I have to take my medicine.  Ritz tastes light, flaky and deliciously buttery but can't they make great tasting crackers without the partially-hydrogenated oil?  Or is it possible to make organic crackers that don't taste bland and boring? May be I should make my own organic crackers that will only stay fresh for a few days? 

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