Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Instant Chicken Lo Mien (Tossed Noodle)

Content contributed by: Jane Ong

Instant Chicken Lo Mien Recipe

What's the difference between Lo Mien and Chow Mien?  Chow Mien is when noodles are stir-fried with high heat with a lot of commotion, versus, Lo Mien is more laid back. Lo Mien's just  about gently tossing the boiled noodles with sauce without all that big fire bursting from the hot wok as seen in the kitchens of Chinese restaurants...

I love both but I usually order Chow Mien at restaurants because Chow Mien requires a big fire to really taste like Chow Mien to me. It just always tastes better at restaurants.  But I can absolutely make Lo Mien at home.  This one is very easy and delicious. All I need is one package of the following Yakisoba, a bunch of chopped green onions and some shredded cooked chicken, that was left over from the whole fried chicken that I had from the Chinese restaurant.  Any leftover steamed chicken or roast chicken, or the store bought rotisserie chicken will do.  This recipe requires no straight measurement of ingredients and I can toss in as much or as little chicken or green onions as I want.  I always like to have a plate of Chinese Broccoli on the side when I eat this. I just like to always have some veggies to alternatively munch on while having my instant noodles.

Cooking Direction:

Cook the noodle according to the package instruction (which is really about boiling the noodle with water), toss in the green onions when it comes the time to add the seasoning from the package (as per package instruction). Then toss in the shredded chicken after the sauce dries up and the noodles look like the Lo Mien or Chow Mien you see in Chinese restaurants.  After everything is well tossed and mixed together in the pan, scoop everything up and serve.  The entire cooking  time is less than 5 minutes. It's fast, it's easy and it's delicious.  This brand of  Yakisoba is very very good!!!  It's our favorite brand as of now...

This is cheap and delicious. This makes the best home-made Lo Mien / Chow Mien that rivals the ones at restaurants, but for much cheaper.  This is available at Amazon for less than $1.00 a package.

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