Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Surprisingly Good Seafood Restaurant In Manchester Township New Jersey

Restaurant Review Contributed by: Jane Ong

Best Restaurant in Manchester Township New Jersey

Toms River NJ is so far one of the most boring towns I had visited in New Jersey.  But if there is a more boring town here in New Jersey than Toms River, it has to be Manchester Township where there seems to be only one supermarket (Shop Rite), which is the busiest and the most crowded and cluttered supermarket I had been to.  Looking around Manchester Township, I see tremendous business opportunities for restaurants and supermarkets.  Trader Joe's and Sprouts will kick butts here!!

But surprisingly, as dreary as Manchester Township is in New Jersey, I found this great seafood restaurant in the middle of a freeway (or do they call it highway here?)  I drove on this freeway many times but I never paid attention to this trailer-like building that looks more like a junk car dealer or auto repair shop than a restaurant.  Today, I finally noticed the "Seafood Restaurant" sign and I pulled in out of hunger.  The interior is very aged and ugly, but this place sells a great selection of fresh seafood.  This place operates as both a seafood market and also a restaurant.  I ordered the Captain Combo#1 that has pan grilled sea scallops, shrimps and flounder.  This combo plate also came with the incredibly delicious and fresh dinner rolls which are so far the best dinner rolls I have had since I've been in Toms River.   The shrimp cocktail sauce that came with the plate was also very very good.  The cooking technique was simple with minimal seasoning.  But fresh seafood doesn't really need complicated cooking technique or much seasoning.  Complex seasoning will just overpower the fresh and natural taste of any fresh seafood.  I however did sprinkle salt and pepper on my plate to season the food to my taste.  I enjoyed my seafood plate tremendously, and the Freedom Fries on the side were so very delicious and were some of my most favorite fries in the world.  I highly recommend this restaurant for seafood lovers.  As for myself, I'm happy that I found another good restaurant besides the usual one I like at Ramada Inn Toms River.

Restaurant: Gregory's Seafood Market
Address: 2064 NJ-37, Manchester Township, NJ 08759
Tel: (732) 323-9105

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