Friday, May 8, 2015

The Worst Chicken Cacciatore I Had In My Life So Far

Restaurant Review Contributed by: Jane Ong

Since I've been in Toms River NJ, I have thus had the worst Japanese food, and the worst Chinese buffet.  I had written off my hope of ever finding a decent Chinese or Japanese restaurant in this town.  I decided that I should just have Italian food instead because this is the Jersey Shore, and this is the state of New Jersey, which is supposed to have lots of Italian Americans, no?  Besides, I love Italian food, I love Chicken Cacciatore.  When I found on Yelp about this Italian Restaurant that is highly rated, I was so excited about getting my Chicken Cacciatore there.  It turned out to be the worst Italian food I ever had.  The first bad sign was the bread the waiter brought to my table at the beginning.  That loaf of bread was stale and it had that old stinky smell when I tore it apart and sniffed it.  It was a warm loaf of bread however because I think it was just pulled out of the freezer and warmed up in the oven.  Then the skinless chicken breasts in the cacciatore were very tough and they tasted somewhat gamy.  They tasted like they were the discounted old frozen chicken breasts from Costco and they were just dumped into a pot of boiling water right out of the freezer, with some bland tomato sauce poured right on top of them after they were boiled.  Nothing in this dish told me that much time was put into making it.  The pasta on the side was also horrible.  It tasted like under cooked penne with supermarket tomato sauce poured right out of the can.  This was the most disgusting Italian dish I had ever tasted. This is an insult to Italian cuisine.  

I will not go back to this restaurant ever.  

Restaurant: Il Giardinello Ristorante
Address:1232 NJ-166, Toms River, NJ 08753
Tel:(732) 286-9111

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