Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Decent Frozen Mango Lemonade But Lousy BBQ Ribs At Applebee's

Restaurant Reviewed by: Jane Ong

Today I went to Applebee's for lunch for the first time in my life. I drove by  them once in a while in Southern California but I never tried it because there are just too many dining options in California besides Applebee's.  But in Manchester NJ where I am working on closing a real estate deal on behalf of my client, Applebee's seems to be the only visible restaurant that catches my eyes during my lunch hour hunger attack.  I however left the restaurant still hungry because I didn't eat much of my meal. I shared a 2 for $20 deal with my associate in which I ordered the salad and the BBQ ribs.  The salad was okay but the BBQ ribs were the most horrible BBQ ribs I ever tried in a restaurant.  The Frozen Mango Lemonade which I paid extra for was decent though (not included in the 2 for $20 deal).

I have no idea how the ribs were mass processed in the corporate plants so they could be efficiently distributed to the kitchens in all Applebee's restaurants nationwide.  But whatever the process there is, it changed the texture of the ribs. It's worse than the BBQ ribs in the frozen store bought TV-dinners. I felt like I was chewing on stock cards smoldered with BBQ sauce. I just couldn't eat that horrid mess no matter how hungry I was. I wasn't impressed with the fries either.  

Restaurant Address: 1055 Route 70, Manchester Township, NJ 08759
Tel: (732) 657-7676

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