Saturday, May 30, 2015

Disturbing Arts But Comforting Fish Tacos

Restaurant Reviewed by: Jane Ong

Fish Tacos Toms River New Jersey

Fish Taco is another of my favorite foods back in Los Angeles.  I haven't had any tacos since I had arrived at Toms River New Jersey.  So I'm very delighted to have a couple fish tacos today, and surprisingly, they are quite good.  After a month being in Toms River and  Manchester Township here in  New Jersey, I had lowered my expectation for food in this area. So this taco ($7.00 for 2) find is a delicious surprise to me.  The salsa on the side however has lots of room for improvement (and they can refer to the salsas at La Salsa as a role model for salsa).

The quality of the Fish Tacos however doesn't apply to the Steak Bites ($7.00) we order.  This is like a beef kebab, but a yucky beef kebab. Even the overly sweet soy sauce can't cover the gamy taste of the beef (or steak?).  Steak and beef shouldn't taste gamy at all.  This just tells me that the freshness and quality of the meat had been compromised. This is another one-bite dish for us that we can't finish.  We will just stick with the Fish Tacos from now on.

We are happy to find this restaurant which not only offers Fish Tacos comparable to home, it also has a spacious, nicely and comfortably decorated dining environment by the water.  The water view is so scenic. Being used to the beach and marina views back in Los Angeles, it's nice to see that there is a different kind of coast line that is lined with beautiful trees. I had never seen a coast line so green and lush.  It's really pretty.  We however chose to sit indoors because the temperature is quite hot out there, and this is the only con compared to the always comfortable and air-conditioned feel of the California coasts....But we love the interior decor of this restaurant.  It's really comfortable here.

Arts Downtown Toms River New Jersey

This restaurant is located within walking distance in downtown Toms River.  Yes, finally, there is a place where I can walk around!  And by walking, I almost ran into this disturbing woman outside the restaurant.  I was really startled by her. She reminds me of a character that I saw long time ago in a horror movie...

This is one disturbing sculpture of a very scary looking Asian chick.  The placement of this statue is so weird, because it seems it is placed here just so randomly.  I had never seen anything like this in my life.  Bumping into this disturbing lady really makes my day because it really gives my associates and I a very good laugh.  I guess Toms River isn't as boring as I think and it may be full of surprises.

Restaurant:Baker's Water Street Bar & Grille 
Address:4 Robbins Pkwy, Toms River, NJ 08753 
Phone:(732) 240-4800 

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