Sunday, June 14, 2015

These Desserts Are For Display Only

Restaurant Reviewed by: Jane Ong

Tiaramisu Toms River Bakery NJ

My colleagues and I have been looking for a bakery in Toms River NJ where we can get good bread, cakes and more, because we just don't like the baked goods in ShopRite.  One day we stumbled upon a bakery in a strip mall after lunch. This bakery has vast display of numerous kinds of baked goods, from cookies to cakes to desserts.  The sight of the piles of colorful cakes and cookies made us hungry but we found it strange that we didn't smell that mesmerizing bakery fragrances we usually did at our favorite bakery back in Los Angeles. We didn't smell anything there.  The bakery at ShopRite actually smells better.

Despite our doubt, we bought a loaf of their "freshly baked" bread (which is cool in temperature) , a tiramisu (photo above) and a strawberry chocolate tartlet (photo below).

Strawberry Chocolate Tartlet Toms River Bakery NJ

We would have been the very happy customers if only we bought the bread and desserts for our photo props only.  But we aren't in the business of photography, so we were upset that these baked goods were not quite edible.  The bread didn't smell or taste fresh at all.  Biting into that bread reminded us of the stories that our grandparents told us about World War II when food was scarce and fresh baked bread was non-existent.

The tiramisu was beautiful looking but it didn't taste anything like tiramisu at all.  We didn't like the hydrogenated vegetable oil that was used to whip up the cream. (We could taste it.) We think this tiramisu was an insult to Italian pastry.  The strawberry chocolate tartlet was again an eye candy but not quite edible to us because of all the hydrogenated vegetable oil that was used to make the cream and the tart shell. The tart shell actually tasted somewhat stale to us, and it had a bad texture. The chocolate mousse tasted like something that was made up of low quality powder mix.  These desserts were no better than the ones at ShopRite which we didn't like because of the artificial tasting ingredients that were used.

We will not go back to this Italian bakery again.

Bakery: La Scala Italian Pastry Shop 
Address:1231 NJ-166, Toms River, NJ 08753 

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