Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fusion Chinese Buffet Is Slightly Better Than Fortune Buffet

Restaurant Reviewed by: Jane Ong

I'm not a big fan of low price buffet of any type because there are always kids and dirty customers who dropped the communal tongs and spoons on the floor and then put them back in the trays.  I often see kids and some very filthy adults use their hands to grab the noodles and even the stir fry chicken.  

I went to a Chinese buffet today because my colleagues insisted that it was okay to go after 2pm when the kids were still in school and then the other filthy people already ate their lunch.  They were right, we were the only people there today at 2:30pm.  This is the 2nd Chinese buffet we visited since we last visited that horrible and disgusting (in terms of food only, the decor and seating was decent) Fortune Buffet in Manchester Township NJ where I couldn't eat anything because everything just tasted bad to me.  This buffet is a little better than Fortune Buffet  because despite the very sandy spinach, the very tough roast beef and most of the items that just didn't taste good  to me, there were a few items that tasted okay. The salt and pepper shrimps in shells tasted okay and they were worth me the little extra effort to peel the shells off.  I grew up eating this kind of shrimps so I'm able to just peel the shells while eating without making my hands greasy.

Unlike Fortune Buffet where I had steamed white rice that was way under cooked, the steamed white rice here at this buffet was at least cooked and I had no problem with it.

The above plate contained all the items that tasted okay to me and they were: chicken broccoli stir fry, baked stuffed crawfish tail, string green beans stir fry, steamed white rice and salt and pepper shrimp in shell.  I didn't dare to try the sushi there because I had bad experience in having low quality sushi at cheap buffets that weren't fresh.  I was too afraid to try another round of bad and fishy tasting sushi.

There were also a few fruits that were decent: water melon, kiwi, cherries, orange. The coffee cream chocolate layer cake was not the best among those I had before, but it was better than any cake sold at ShopRite supermarket in Manchester Township. I am neutral as to whether I will come back to this buffet again in the near future because the food here isn't something that will make me crave for. But if I do return out of no other choice, then I will stick to the above few items only.

Restaurant: Fusion Buffet
Address:1256 Indian Head Rd, Toms River, NJ 08755 
Tel:(732) 286-6266

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