Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Trader Joe's Wild Caught Alaska Cod

Review submitted by: Jane Ong

Ewk! This is my opinion after trying out this fillet in my beloved Korean Soon Tofu soup starter kit.  While this frozen fish fillet is labeled as a product of the USA, (this was the reason why I bought it,)  this supposedly wild-caught Alaska frozen cod tasted no better than similar fish product of China that I tried back in 2015.  I love Trader Joe's but this frozen cod had the same bad texture and was just as tasteless. I mean tasteless in terms of how cod is supposed to taste.  May be all frozen cods have the same characteristics due to some kind of special treatment at the packaging plant?  There is no flavor of fish or food, just a hint of weird freezing smell; which I personally found revolting.

I don't think I will ever buy pre-packaged frozen cods again because they taste just as awful as they look.

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