Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trader Joe's Unsweetened Instant Oatmeal

Review submitted by: Jane Ong

I'm trying to be more conscious of what I eat for breakfast, not because I have a weight problem. It's because my breakfasts that I had all my life were mostly not so healthy.  I actually skipped breakfast quite a lot due to time shortage in the morning.  When I did have time to have breakfast, I often chose breakfast items that were mostly carbs, fats, sugars with not much fiber. Fruits and vegetables of course were very rarely included in my breakfast  So when I saw the Unsweetened Instant Oatmeal during my grocery shopping, I decided to stock it up so I could flavor my own oatmeals with real fruits.  I'm very happy that I bought it because this is the best unsweetened instant oatmeal (130 cal per packet) I've ever tasted.  While I haven't tried it with fruits yet, I'd added 2 tablespoons of low fat milk (16 Cal)  and 2 tablespoon of condensed sweetened milk (130 cal) after it was cooked with water in the microwave per the package instruction, and the oatmeal came out to be so creaming, delicious and filling. Yet, I only consumed 306 calories in total. I really love the extra flavor and crunch added by the ground flax seeds, chia seeds and  quinoa. This is another oatmeal winner of Trader Joe's.

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