Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Seasoned Pork And Sausage Clay Pot Rice Meal

Review submitted by: Jane Ong

I was working on my client's company yesterday in Costa Mesa in Orange County, California.  I stayed on for dinner instead of jumping on the crazily congested 405 to get back to Los Angeles. I thought I would avoid waiting on the freeway. But instead of waiting on the freeway, I found myself standing with a tray of food waiting for a spot to eat in a food court inside the Mitsuwa supermarket. I love my neighborhood Mitsuwa supermarket so much that I always seek it out whichever town I visit. But of course, not every town in California  has a Mitsuwa supermarket. I was so happy to see one near my client's office in Costa Mesa.  I just didn't expect it to be so packed at 7pm in the evening. It was like a mad house there.  I hadn't experienced a food court this crowded in America.  When I was standing around and trying to look for an empty spot to put my tray down, I almost felt like I was back to my vacation in Hong Kong.  There were so many Asian people crowding in the food court:)  

It was only when I tasted the food, I realized I wasn't in Hong Kong.  While the Seasoned Pork & Sausage Clay Pot Rice Meal ($7.29) tasted decent in terms of food court dining in America, it's not nearly as delicious as the ones in Hong Kong.  I did find it okay for a weeknight dinner after work.  I personally like it much better than fast food pizza.  The meal came sizzling hot with a bowl of broth based turnip soup on the side.  It's filling and comforting.  I always love the tasty and chewy Chinese sausages.  But I have to admit I've had better Chinese sausages elsewhere. The jam-packed parking lot and the long wait for the food (due to high customers traffic) was also a little annoying to me, from a spoiled customer's view point.  I'm sure such busy customer traffic is fantastic for the vendors and the supermarket in terms of cash flows and profitability. My father in Hong Kong always said, "I would rather be in a crowded city that presents profit opportunities for business than a quiet country side where I don't see the shadow of even one person..."

For me, I just hope that Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa can expand the square footage, particularly the square footage in its parking lot to accommodate its visitors volume.  Until then, I will temporarily stay away from it.

Restaurant: Sky Express
Address: 665 Paularino Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel:(714) 437-7198

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