Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Free Chocolate Macaron Giveaway

Our test kitchen is going to try out the above all natural macaron baking mix.  We are therefore looking for a taste tester to taste the macarons we will be baking from this mix.  We will ship the taste tester half a dozen chocolate macarons to taste, and the taste tester will then let us know how he /she likes them.  (Note: we are doing this test independently with our own money and we aren't sponsored by the manufacturer or any of  its retailers directly or indirectly.) 

To qualify to participate in this taste test, you must be free of any form of food allergy.  To apply, please do the following before April 15, 2016; and we will randomly select a taste tester from our pool of  qualified candidates if there is more than one applicant:
  1. Be a follower of this blog through Google +, or Twitter, or Facebook.
  2. Share this post on either Google +, Twitter or Facebook.
  3. Scroll down this post and fill out the giveaway participation form.

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