Saturday, January 16, 2016

Rival 2-Slice Toaster Is My Cheapest Appliance Buy Ever!!

Review submitted by: Barbara Weiner
This is the first toaster I ever owned.  I rarely toasted my bread at home and when I did, I usually used the broiler in my tiny kitchen's built-in oven.  As a renter , I move around a lot so I always try to avoid acquiring too many things, appliances included. My very little space in my kitchen counter top is another reason why I never bought a toaster before.  My problem with toasting bread in the oven broiler was, I had to pre-heat it and then I always burnt my toasts.  So eight months ago when I saw this 2-slice toaster with a price tag of $6.50 at Walmart, I had to buy it.   I have been using this toaster a lot since then, and I have been very satisfied with my toasts.  This cute and compact toaster doesn't take up much counter space and it's very easy to clean.  I especially like that the electric coil can be neatly tugged in the nooks underneath the toaster (unseen) when it's unplugged.  At $6.50, this is the cheapest and most useful appliance I ever bought.  This toaster is made in China

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