Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I Always Know That Carbs Are Actually Better For Me

Content shared by: Jane Ong

I was brought up in a carb eating culture where we all eat lots of carbs like fresh white breads, noodles, and white rice.  All my family, friends,  relatives and myself are slim.  I never knew carb was bad until my American friends told me that they couldn't eat white rice or white bread because they said pasta,  white rice and white bread made them fat.  I did see their concern but I never was able to relate weight problems to the food I eat so much, white rice and white bread??  I just never knew in my life anyone in my hometown (with many millions in population) who isn't slim, from my schoolmates, my neighbors, to my own family and friends in my hometown; we all have diets that are culturally heavy on white rice, white bread and all kinds of noodles (or pasta).

The doctor in this video just confirms what I always suspect: carbs can't be as bad as they are portrayed in the American dieting culture. It's because my family and I have been eating mostly carbs all our lives and we are all slim and healthy people, except for me because I'm recently suffering from some minor adult acne breakout around my periods.  I suspect that my breakout as an adult has much to do with my recent years' increase in consumption in meat and proteins.  The rest of my family have flawless and blemish free skin. I know I don't have the acne gene because I never had acne problem before.  The only difference between me and the rest of my family is I'm living in America now and I am eating a lot more meat and dairy. Meanwhile, everybody in my family are still having the same white rice heavy diet  like we always did.   

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