Wednesday, April 13, 2016

BBQ Ribs & Buffalo Wings

Review submitted by: Jane Ong

I'm not the kind of person who can wait till Memorial Day or July 4th to have BBQ. I'm the kind of person who enjoys BBQ just on any typical day, whether it's a holiday or a workday.  Thank god there are so many places in Los Angeles where I can pick up BBQ on the way home.  Tonight when I drove by Chicago For Ribs on my way to an evening run by the beach,  the air was drafted with the delicious charbroiled BBQ aroma so intense that I could smell it even when I had my car's windows all rolled up.  I admire the other commuter cars which just ignored the aroma and went straight home to cook dinner, or to wherever they needed to be.

When I smelled that enticing BBQ, I just had to make a U-turn to cross to the other side of the road to have my BBQ dinner.  Of course, I ditched my evening run for a BBQ dinner combo instead ($12.95).  The dinner combo came with my choice of 2 meats, which were baby back ribs and buffalo wings.  I like the baby back ribs which were tasty and tender but I wish I had gotten the BBQ chicken instead of the buffalo wings which were just deep fried and smothered with BBQ sauce.  The wings weren't  that much better than the frozen ones I bought from the grocery stores.  Besides,  I'm never a big fan of thickly breaded fried chicken wings drowned in BBQ sauce. I ordered the wings thinking they were charbroiled.  The baby back ribs were great though. The dinner combo also came with 2 sides of my choice, and a piece of corn bread or dinner roll, which I picked corn bread, coleslaw and mashed potato.  The coleslaw was somewhat too bitter for me but the mashed potato and the corn bread were great.  I really enjoyed the corn bread with the whipped butter there.  For $12.95, it was a lot of food on a big plate (which provided enough leftover for lunch tomorrow), and also a learning curve for me with this restaurant.  Now I know what to order  next time to make a more delicious BBQ plate.

Restaurant: Chicago For Ribs
Address: 1637 W25th St, San Pedro, CA 90732
Phone: (310) 832-7427

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