Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pumpkin Cream Cupcake

Review submitted by: Jane Ong

I can really feel the fall season now that I'm back to New Jersey because of work.  The weather is really chilly today so I want to get the familiar comfort cake.  I'm glad that there is a Barnes & Noble in this area because I really love bookstores and the coffee shop inside Barnes & Noble.  I like that I can have the baked goods that I usually enjoy wherever I am in the USA.  I have the pumpkin cream cupcake today and it's pretty comforting to my sweet tooth.  I like the Barnes & Noble here in Bricks NJ because it's a lot less crowded and there is just  so much more seating.  Back in my town in Los Angeles, the Barnes and Nobles is always jam packed with Asian students and kids and their moms.  It was hard to get a table at the coffee shop there.  Here at Brick NJ, it's just so much nicer that I can literally sit anywhere I want to enjoy my latte and my cupcake.  It's so spacious here because there are so much fewer visitors. I love the quiet and peace at this bookstore. The parking lot is so big and it has so many empty parking spaces.  Back in my hometown in Los Angeles, I had to circle around and around to park my car every time I went to Barnes & Noble (meaning weekends).  I really enjoy such stress free parking. I'm beginning to see the good in this part of New Jersey.

Restaurant: Barnes & Noble 
Address: 44 Brick Plaza, Brick NJ 08723
Tel:  (732) 255-6600

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