Saturday, March 28, 2015

Review on Pepperidge Farm's Pirouette (Chocolate Hazelnut)

We bought this from our local grocery store when it was on sale. We don't like the rolls because they tasted somewhat stale to us. Yes, they were light, yes, they were crispy, and yes the expiration date is end of 2015.  But they just tasted too artificial and stale to us.  If only you had tried the freshly made light and crispy wafer rolls in a good restaurant for dessert, you know what we meant when we said these Pirouettes tasted "artificial".  May be it's the "hazelnut" flavoring, or may be it's just a bad batch that skipped the quality control, these Pirouettes just had that musty stale taste in them.  We tossed the entire can into trash after having 2 rolls.  We just couldn't eat another roll. We didn't miss them even when we were starving.

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