Monday, December 1, 2014

A Decent Thanksgiving Meal For Those Who Haven't Had Enough On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner

Coco's Bakery Restaurant is one of our few favorite chain restaurants.  They serve really decent roasted turkey dinner there.  They were open on Thanksgiving which was nice for those of us who had no where to go.  The turkey was tasty, tender and juicy.  The mashed potatoes with gravy were great. The stuffing was delicious.  There wasn't much exciting vegetable side dish but the same old steamed broccoli and cauliflower.  The vegetables are decent if you ask for more gravy to dip them into.

Of course, we couldn't round out a Thanksgiving dinner without a piece of the good old pumpkin pie. We don't like cold pies so we specifically asked the server to warm it up before putting the whip cream on it.  This restaurant is very famous for its pies and there were many people standing in line claiming their pre-ordered pies on Thanksgiving day.  We haven't tried out other pies but we think the pumpkin pie was pretty good, even though we had better. The total cost for one dinner and a slice of pumpkin pie is about $16.99. We could only finish half of the portion on site and brought home half for another meal.  But then we aren't big eaters.

pumpkin pie

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