Sunday, November 9, 2014

Delicious Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts

These Hong Kong style mini egg tarts are one of the very popular Dim Dum dishes at the Chinese Dim Sum restaurants. They are actually very common breakfasts and after school snacks for many children in Hong Kong.  Nobody should finish off their brunch at a Dum Sum restaurant without trying these mini egg tarts. They are very good when they are freshly out of the oven.  The quality of these egg tarts may vary in various dim sum restaurants in the USA.  But we discover a Dim Sum restaurant in Lomita, CA that actually makes pretty good mini egg tarts.  They probably are about $3.00 to $4.50 for a dish of three but we aren't quite sure because the restaurant uses a score-card system to keep track of the dim sum bill at each table. We didn't see a menu with prices but since the score-card categorizes each dim sum in category A, B, C, etc, these must be between $3.00 to $4.50 because we guess this was probably category B. But this is another of our agenda during our next visit, i.e., to figure out the pricing system of the dim sum there.   You can certainly ask before you order it off from the Dim-Sum ladies, but we were so distracted by the traffic of the Dim Sum carts that we forgot to ask.  These egg tarts are really delicious and we highly recommend them.  If you don't see them on the Dim Sum carts, just tell the waiter to get you the "Dan Tat".    Remember to pronounce the "a" sound like you speak Spanish, and you will see that the waiters will be very impressed by your ability in giving out orders.

Restaurant: PV Palace
Address: 2166 Pacific Coast Hwy, Lomita, CA 90717
Phone:(310) 326-3228
Hours: Friday 10:00 am – 9:30 pm

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