Thursday, July 17, 2014

Shrimp Asparagus and Penne For Two

Content contributed by: Jane Ong

Shrimp Asparagus and Penne

I used to order Pasta dishes very often in restaurants.  Now, eating out everyday is banned by my husband because he wants to save for the down payment to purchase our own home.  He told me to learn how to make pasta at home.  But I'm too afraid to learn to cook anything that involves raw meat or raw seafood. When I was at the meat and seafood sections at the grocery store, I felt somewhat phobic and somewhat overwhelmed.  These feelings reminded me why I couldn't go to medical school like my dad always wanted me to....  Anyway, I went to get a bag of  Bertrolli  Frozen Shrimp, Asparagus & Penne Dinner instead.  While it doesn't taste as good as the one that I had in Italian restaurants, it's  pretty close and it's the best tasting frozen dinner that I ever had so far that is  close to a "real" meal. It's unlike the pitiful TV dinners that taste fake to me. One bag provides a satisfying meal for my husband and I at 450 calories each.  It's only $6.49 a bag,  and it may be cheaper than cooking from scratch? I won't know since I don't cook much. I will definitely buy this again.

Shrimp Asparagus and Penne
The actual dinner itself of course doesn't look like the photo on the bag. But it tastes good enough for me to like it  when  dining at an Italian restaurant is not an option. 

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